Android App Developer Course

The Android App Development course is designed for students with a background in the Java programming language who want to learn app development in the Android environment. The course is based on the Android Studio development environment.

The Android App Development course focuses on acquiring tools and experience in app development using the Java programming language.

To participate in the course, knowledge of Java is required. You can take a Java course as a prerequisite for this course. Java is an object-oriented and event-driven programming language designed for multi-platform work.

Today, there are two platforms for app development: iOS by Apple and Android by Google. Android is currently the most popular operating system, and that's why Real Time College has developed the Android App Development course for you!

It's impossible to ignore the revolution happening in the mobile industry. The demand for mobile devices is growing every day, along with the demand for apps in various fields that aim to improve the lives of millions of users around the world.

What do you learn in the Android App Development course?

We start with the basics, including installations, learning XML, and more. Afterwards, we learn how to run and debug an application, work with design interfaces, widgets, layouts, networking, basic database handling, Google Maps, and more.

In the Android App Development course, you'll learn to use Android Studio, the leading development and design environment for Android apps by Google.

Through Android Studio, you can efficiently and effectively develop Android applications using various tools like XML, databases, graphic tools, multimedia, distributed networks, sensors, internet usage, and more. Additionally, it's relatively easy to set up a "virtual Android device" for testing the application before deploying it to an actual mobile device.

Final Project

Towards the end of the Android App Development course, students will work on a final project :

  • Hands On Training — at the end of the course, the student will carry out a final project with personnel from the Development department of the company for 120 hours. The specialization period is conducted independently with the guidance of the instructor and developers.

App Development Studies at RTG College

Real Time Group is a software house with over a decade of experience and an extensive client list in various industries, including development, automation, testing, and more.

Our company collaborates with a variety of industry companies and specializes in training and education for Android development, as well as providing Android app development services.

Real Time College is the training division of Real Time Group, bringing together the experience we have gained over the years to establish a training and placement center for the technology field. Our experience and successes in hundreds of projects across different domains over time provide us with the knowledge and understanding that companies demand and expect from their employees.

Collaboration in the Local and International Market

Among the company's activities in Android app development and other domains, collaborations and development services for companies and startups in the local and international markets are noteworthy.

Among our clients, you will find tech companies such as Abbot, Mellanox, IBM, Intel, AudioCodes, Eci, Micro-Semi, and more.

We also work with institutional companies such as Medical, Jerusalem Bank, Hapoalim, Epix Pharmaceuticals, etc. RT Group collaborates with the Ministry of Security and with clients in security companies like IDF, Elop, Rafal, Elbit, EPS, Romvision, and more.

Who is the Android App Development Course Suitable For?

  • Young or experienced developers who want to enter the Android field.
  • People interested in a professional transition to the programming world (possibly without introductory courses).
  • Those interested in entering the tech industry, creative thinkers included.

Course Prerequisites:

  • Prerequisite Course: JAVA For Android, or passing suitability tests — for academics and developers who are highly proficient in JAVA through their degree or have experience in the field.
  • Personal interview.

Course Description and Scope of Studies:

  • This course is a practical course that includes frontal lectures and hands-on exercises.
  • The duration of the course is approximately 460 academic hours – 340 academic hours + 120 hours of specialization and practical experience.
  • Learning app development
  • Class exercises accompanied by explanations, homework assignments, and solutions on the website
  • Course workbook
  • Videos and presentations on the course website
  • Towards the end of the app development course, each student will complete a practical project summarizing the knowledge gained during the course.
  • Lectures take place once a week in the evenings or mornings.

Android App Development Course Content

Software Preparing & Installing
Basics – R.Java Files, Xml Format
Creating APK
Running & Debugging with AVD
Basic Android Veiws & Widgets
Android Layouts
App Designing – Graphical design
Activities & Intents
Adapters & Views
ActionBar & Navigation Drawers
SQL & Sqlite DataBase
Android Services & Android Notifications
Shared Preferences
Working with Google Maps
Creating APK
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