HTML5 Course

HTML5 is a markup language responsible for the structure of texts on web pages and internet documents. It's a central markup language in the field of the internet that enables rapid content styling.

HTML is a universally readable language and is considered useful even among web developers. Therefore, we teach HTML5 as part of our courses and also as a component of our automation course. The markup language allows the creation of links to other HTML documents and displaying various data through multimedia support such as audio, video, and more.

Real Time College's HTML5 course is a unique and comprehensive program that equips you with all the tools to create HTML pages. Further on, you can also learn CSS to understand how to style HTML pages using tags.

In the course, you will learn the most advanced version of HTML5, covering topics such as proper tag structure, key tag learning, links and images, table and frame creation, innovations, and more. In today's web world, there is a significant need for HTML5 education – it forms the foundation for both automation and web development.


What is unique about HTML5?

HTML language is currently considered a standard in the world of the internet, and the language is relatively simple to learn.

The HTML course encompasses both theoretical learning and practical hands-on material. The knowledge acquired during the Real Time College HTML5 course can be quickly applied in the IT field, and transitioning to HTML 5 allows for good and distinctive performance.

HTML5 provides the old and reliable HTML with new capabilities, enabling it to work in conjunction with applications like Flash, Silverlight, Java FX, and more.

Among the unique features of this language, one can mention the ability to work with workers, video, canvas, and more. Throughout the course, you will learn to utilize these various features to build suitable applications.

The comprehensive HTML5 course covers many topics, including principles of writing code in HTML, differences between HTML4 and HTML5, learning about basic HTML code and its writing, styling tags, and sound integration.

Additionally, you will also learn about topics such as META tags, image integration in HTML, multimedia integration, linking and lists, form building, attributes, table tags, table styling, frame creation, multimedia frames, Hebrew and RTL tags, search engines and indexes, browsers, and more.

New tags, semantics, and multimedia support will be addressed. We will also delve into advanced topics such as remote communication techniques, smart file handling (like Drag & Drop), smart work with multi-threading on the client side, using smart elements like Canvas, advanced graphical engine usage like SVG, and various smart storage mechanisms. Moreover, we will touch upon embedding the next generation of styling, namely CSS3.

Who is the HTML5 course suitable for?

  • Beginner programmers who are interested in entering the field of web development.
  • People who are interested in professionally transitioning to the world of web programming.
  • Individuals with a basic background who want to enhance their web programming skills.

HTML5 Course Prerequisites

  • Basic computer literacy.
  • Background or experience in software development with high-level languages is an advantage but not mandatory.
  • Professional knowledge interview.

Course description and scope

The course duration is approximately 20 academic hours.

  • The HTML course includes frontal lectures and practical exercises.
  • Class exercises are accompanied by explanations, homework assignments, and solutions on the course website.
  • At the beginning of the course and upon registration, you will receive an HTML course booklet.
  • Videos and presentations are available on the course website. Towards the end of the HTML course, each student will complete a practical project that summarizes the knowledge acquired during the course. Lectures are held once a week in the evening hours.

HTML5 Course Content

Intro to HTML5
HTML Structure
Main tags and attributes
Links & Images
Tables & Frames
HTML Imports
New in HTML5

Talk to an Advisor

Oleg Korzon

Head of Web Application Development Department

A senior lecturer and Head of the WEB Development department at Real Time Group.
Oleg possesses extensive and diverse experience in training, project development, and strategic consulting in the field of website and web application development.

Department Head
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