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REAL TIME GROUP Training Development Placement & Outsourcing

Real Time Group was founded in 2007 by Benjamin Cohen, an expert with extensive experience in RT-Embedded Linux, Embedded Linux, and Linux Kernel Device Drivers. The company's goal is to provide software and embedded solutions, along with consulting services, flexible systems, end-to-end infrastructure, integrated solutions, and support for leading hi-tech companies in Israel and abroad.

Over the years, in response to the demand in the hi-tech market for skilled professionals, training and placement divisions were established. Their role is to provide technological and managerial training and certification for courses and advanced training programs in the fields of computer technology and communication. Ultimately, the divisions match students with hi-tech companies. Utilizing knowledge effectively is the key to success.

Development Division

  • We specialize in developing multidisciplinary systems that integrate software-hardware in various environments, including the following domains:
  • Real Time (RT)
  • Embedded Applications
  • IO (Input/Output)
  • Mobile & Web
  • Linux / Kernel Applications
  • QA & Automation
  • Hardware/Software Tests / Manufacturing Tests

The division includes an experienced team of engineers with proven expertise in software-hardware system development, engineering, integration, automation, and testing. They are well-versed in all stages of design, engineering, and testing processes of printed circuits, development boards, and complex software systems.

We offer a diverse range of services including:

  • Development Services
  • Integration
  • Maintenance
  • QA Testing
  • Project Consultation

Real Time College Training Division

Our training division engages in a wide variety of courses and training programs for the hi-tech industry.

In the first stage, we tailor the right program for the candidate, an individualized path adapted to their knowledge level, aspirations, and alignment with the industry's required fields.

Throughout their studies, our students benefit from top-tier professional instructors in the industry, acquire extensive practical experience through learning and project execution, build a diverse portfolio of work, receive placement services, career guidance, and more.

Upon completing the course, students undertake a project within our development division, gaining practical experience. Simultaneously, they can benefit from our placement services, personal guidance, and consultation until they secure a position that leverages their potential.

At Real Time College, we are committed to supporting you in building a new career and entering the world of information technology and hi-tech. We see this as our duty to ensure that you enjoy the learning experience and find work in the field you studied.

Placement and Outsourcing Division

Real Time Group's placement division specializes in outsourcing and recruiting employees for the hi-tech industry. The positions are for the benefit of our development division or for a wide range of startups and leading companies in the local and international market. Additionally, Real Time Group collaborates with domestic hi-tech companies and security institutions, and is an approved supplier of the Ministry of Defense.

In recent years, our placement division has successfully outsourced or recruited employees for thousands of positions in the fields of software/hardware engineering, communications, infrastructure, development, and more.

As part of the employee recruitment process, we first seek the best positions in companies at the forefront of the industry in terms of contract terms, professionalism, and more. In the second stage, we match the candidate after assessing their capabilities, professional knowledge, and additional requirements such as salary conditions and career advancement.

Contact us for testing and searching for a suitable job, or for career and study consulting.

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