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JIRA Course

Jira is a popular and efficient tool for performing a variety of tasks in the project management process, bug tracking, software development, and maintenance.

Jira is a development software created by Atlassian, and its first version was developed in 2002. Since then, the platform has been integrated countless times and continues to be updated according to industry needs.

The Jira product has over 2.5 million members in the international community and more than 125,000 customers, among which large companies with thousands and tens of thousands of employees can also be included.

How can Jira help us?

With the help of the platform, we can perform a variety of tasks:

Tracking bugs, project and task management, monitoring code events during bug fixes or development processes, tracking the progress of the development process, and version tracking.

Jira is particularly useful for enthusiasts of the Agile method and significantly facilitates the layered work process, work involving multiple departments or teams on the same product. Jira provides the ability to work in a more organized manner with documentation and tracking of code changes. Thus, at the end of the process, it helps create a much more effective and efficient development process.

What will you learn in the JIRA course?

You will learn about the system gain practical experience in applying working methods that are commonly and successfully used in leading tech companies. You will install the software, explore its functionality, and then move on to operating it. More advanced topics will include:

  • Bug tracking
  • Tips and "Best practices"
  • Issue tracking
  • Effective project management using JIRA
  • Implementing Agile work methodology

Prerequisites for the JIRA course:

  • Experience working in a coding environment.

Who is the target audience for the JIRA course?

  • Programmers and engineers working in code development.
  • Those interested in learning to use a tool for tracking issues (bugs) and their resolution in code.

Jira Course Content

Custom Fields
Legal Values
Bug Status Workflow
Groups and Group Security
Checking and Maintaining Database Integrity
JIRA Agile


It is recommended to choose follow-up courses according to the desired training path.


Jira is a popular and efficient tool for project management and software maintenance. With the help of this platform, we can track bugs and manage projects and tasks in a more organized and efficient manner.
Agile software development is a collaborative approach based on the principles of the Agile Manifesto. At the top of the priority list is delivering valuable software to the customer as early and continuously as possible.

All lessons are recorded and repeated lessons can be taken according to the course regulations.

Contact us for more information on retaking lessons

It is important to remember that our instructors accompany our students and provide personal attention and individual assistance so students get the most out of the course and acquire practical and professional knowledge. Your success is our success!

We believe that your success is also our success, and your success depends on your investment in your studies! Therefore, the course is divided into topics, and at the end, there will be a written exam or a project to submit.

The projects will be done individually with full support from the instructors and the college's team. The advantage we see in projects is immense because they provide you with the experience required in the industry.

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