Git (Version Control)

GIT (Version Control) Course

Git Source Control — This course is intended for testers, programmers, DevOps, or IT professionals who want to learn and understand what Git is, how it works, and how to use it with your software. It also delves into why DevOps begins with Git Source Control.

Managing versions of development code, large websites, documents, and various data repositories provides developers with more power to handle their code in the best way possible. It allows for incremental development and code branching, ultimately facilitating more efficient management.

A version control methodology that supports Agile development enables flexibility in managing releases, determining contents at a later stage, and collaborating with other developers without disrupting their work. It also allows for significant code changes and more. Many organizations adopt such tools primarily to accelerate Agile processes.

In today's IT industry, version control is widely used during product development and even after deployment, driven by global connectivity and the need for the most efficient and effective process management.

All the tools and strategies of version control are highly common and considered the recommended working method for various projects. Version control is an important topic in the QA field and is also included in the software testing curriculum of Real Time College.

GIT (Version Control) Course Content

Bare Repositories
The Staging Area
Sharing and Updating Projects
SVN Subversion
Apache Setup
Securing the SVN Repositories
Race Condition

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