Web Foundations

Web Foundations Course

This course is an introduction to the full-stack web development course. In this course, we will begin with the daily responsibilities of a web developer and conclude with the comprehensive skill set needed to succeed in such a role.

Throughout the course, we will introduce you to the foundational building blocks of the web — the client-side, the server-side, and the communication between them.

The Web Foundations/Web Services course is necessary to "immerse" students in the topic of web development and enable them to focus on specific technologies without losing the overall architecture.

This is not a theoretical course! - From the initial stages, students work with real Linux servers in the cloud, gain experience with real client-server applications, using a set of modern open-source tools.

The course serves as an introduction to the Full Stack web development path. Beginners and budding developers who want to learn how to create interactive web applications.

A basic understanding of programming and design is required to start the course.

Web Foundations Course Content

What is HTML / XML
What is web servers
HTTP / HTTPS protocols
Frontend , Backend and API intro

Talk to an Advisor

Oleg Korzon

Head of Web Application Development Department

A senior lecturer and Head of the WEB Development department at Real Time Group.
Oleg possesses extensive and diverse experience in training, project development, and strategic consulting in the field of website and web application development.

Department Head
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