Cyber Security Fundamentals

Cyber Security Fundamentals Course

The Cyber Security course is an introductory course to the field of cybersecurity. The course provides students with the principles of the cyber domain and information security.

In this course, students will learn both theoretically and practically about the world of cybersecurity. This includes the role of a cybersecurity professional, defense layers, and common breaches. Additionally, the course will cover topics from the full curriculum of cybersecurity training, discussing the necessary knowledge to work as cybersecurity and information security professionals in the IT industry.

Individuals with prior computer knowledge who are interested in obtaining international certification are suitable for this course.

The field of cybersecurity and information security is the future of the tech world. We all understand the importance of cyber protection for the entire technological landscape. Recent research has highlighted the significant anticipated growth of this field in the coming years.

Consequently, the demand for cybersecurity professionals is projected to surpass the supply, as the labor market currently lacks enough skilled workers for the rapidly developing cybersecurity industry within the tech sector.

Given the significance and advancement of this field, specializing as a cybersecurity and information security professional can open doors to a rewarding and exciting career with excellent work conditions and diverse options for professional development.

For those interested in details about the full Cyber Security curriculum, click here: Cyber Security and Information Security Course.

The Benefits of the Cyber Security Course — Introduction to Cybersecurity

  • The Cyber Security course is an updated introduction to the cybersecurity field, tailored to industry demands and the most advanced tools.
  • Option for practical project in a software house for students of the full Information Security and Cybersecurity program.
  • Expert instructors with practical experience in various areas of cybersecurity.
  • Work interview workshops for full program students.
  • Opportunity for integration in Real Time Group offices or our partner companies.
  • All lessons are recorded and available for viewing at the training center.
  • Class exercises accompanied by explanations, homework assignments, and solutions on the website.
  • You will receive a course booklet.
  • Videos and presentations on the course website.
  • Lectures take place once a week in the evening hours.

Cybersecurity Fundamentals — Course Prerequisites:

  • Knowledge in data communication and computing infrastructure.
  • High-level English proficiency.
  • Basic understanding of programming languages (an advantage, not mandatory).
  • Professional knowledge interview.

Cyber Security Fundamentals Course Content

Computer Architecture Essentials
Operating Systems (Linux & Windows basics and installation)
Networking Infrastructure
Cyber Security Basics
Popular Cyber Threats
Ethical Hacking Introduction


It is recommended to choose follow-up courses according to the desired training path.

Talk to an Advisor

Benny Cohen

Real Time Group Founder and CEO

  • M.Sc. in Communication Engineering
  • B.Sc. in Electronics Engineering
  • Lecturer and Head of the Cyber and Information Security Course at RT-Group, with over 20 years of experience in software/hardware system development, including 6 years in the cybersecurity industry.
  • Specializes in penetration testing and provides training both domestically and internationally. Conducts penetration testing (PT) for security companies as well as leading enterprises in the industry.

Department Head
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  • Experienced expert instructors
  • Practical courses for gaining hands-on experience
  • Practical project of 145 hours in the Development department
  • Build a portfolio for job interviews
  • Recorded lessons for review
  • Assistance in preparing industry-specific resumes
  • Personal assistance of up to 5 hours per month
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