Machine Learning with Python

Machine Learning With Python Course

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is gaining more and more significance in our lives over time, essentially reshaping the world with a new array of options and capabilities offered by computers, providing us with solutions that were not conceivable in the past across a vast range of domains.

Through the use of Machine Learning, we can preserve the information we generate and accumulate in all aspects of our lives and activities, enabling us to process this data and extract insights and conclusions from it.

The Python programming language has highly essential advantages that make it the preferred language for numerous projects in the field of artificial intelligence. Consequently, it's evident that more and more startups and companies are developing Machine Learning algorithms using Python. Due to its widespread usage, there is a high demand in the market for experienced developers who are skilled in working with Python in the field of artificial intelligence development.

The Machine Learning Development Using Python course includes:

  • Frontal lectures with a strong emphasis on practical exercises.
  • Classroom exercises accompanied by explanations, homework assignments, and solutions on the course website.
  • Course booklet.
  • Videos and presentations on the course website.
  • Lectures take place once a week in the evening hours.

Who is the Machine Learning Development Using Python course suitable for?

  • College/university graduates who wish to specialize in developing artificial intelligence systems.
  • Hardware/software/computer science engineers with no experience in this field who are interested in professional reorientation.
  • Individuals with relevant background and previous experience, including Python programming and working with Linux operating systems.

Our curriculum combines knowledge and practical exercises (a lot of practical exercises) and is comprehensive. The course lessons are focused on the practical knowledge and skills required for the field, developed in collaboration with technology companies in the industry, and are constantly updated according to projects in our development division.

Machine Learning With Python Course Content

Introduction to Machine Learning
Machine Learning Mathematical tools
Linear Algebra (using Scipy)
Confusion Matrix, ROC
Machine Learning Software Tools
Using Jupyter Notebook
Model Deployment
Working with Cloud
Working with Data-Bases
Implementing Machine Learning with Python
Data preprocessing, data exploration
Data modeling, model evaluation
Cross Validation
Decision Trees
Time series, Anomaly Detection

Talk to an Advisor

Alex Shoihat

Head of Machine Learning

Alex holds a bachelor's degree in Information Systems (B.Sc.) and a master's degree in Electrical and Electronics Engineering.

Alex is a Machine Learning Engineer at RT. He specializes in the AI field, with over 13 years of experience in project development, management, and transitioning from development to production in various domains such as Linux Embedded.

Alex has experience working with the integration of Machine Learning and Deep Learning in the Computer Vision and Data Analysis field.

Department Head
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