Accessibility of the Website


The internet sphere serves as a platform for self-expression and representation. It serves as a social and political arena where we buy, sell, work, and interact more than ever before. As such, there is a commitment to provide the public with an enjoyable and easy browsing experience as much as possible. We invest significant resources to make this website accessible in order to provide a pleasant browsing experience for the entire population, including individuals with disabilities.

Our guiding principle is human dignity and freedom, as every individual is equal in rights and value.

Use of the Accessibility Component:

This website includes an accessibility component developed by enable, a company specializing in website accessibility. The component operates in accordance with the Israeli Standard SI 5568 at the AA level. The component is subject to the manufacturer's usage terms. The responsibility for usage and implementation on the website rests with the site owners and/or their representatives, including the content displayed on the site, subject to the software's usage terms.

User Guide for the Menu:

  • Button to confirm the site's accessibility and site tags for assistive devices and technologies for people with disabilities
  • Button to enable keyboard navigation between links on the site
  • Button to turn off flashing and/or moving elements on the screen
  • Button to enable black-on-white monochrome mode for color-blind individuals
  • Sepia button (brown shade)
  • High contrast toggle button
  • Black-yellow button
  • Color inversion button
  • Button that clearly highlights all header tags on the site
  • Button that clearly highlights all links on the site
  • Button that displays the alternative description of each image on hover
  • Button that displays a fixed description of the images on the site
  • Button to cancel the use of a readable font
  • Button to increase font size on the site
  • Button to decrease font size on the site
  • Button to increase the entire display to 200%
  • Button to decrease the entire display to 70%
  • Button to enlarge the mouse pointer
  • Button to enlarge the mouse pointer and change its color to black
  • Read mode button
  • Button to display the accessibility statement
  • Reset button that cancels accessibility
  • Accessibility feedback submission button
  • Button to change the language of the toolbar and the accessibility statement accordingly

In the accessibility toolbar, there are two types of enlargements for your convenience. However, if you want to further increase the font size, you can use the following keyboard functions:

  • The Esc key opens and closes the accessibility toolbar
  • Ctrl + enlarges the text on the site
  • Ctrl - reduces the text on the site
  • Ctrl 0 restores the site to its original size
  • Space key scrolls the site down
  • F11 key enlarges the screen to full size - a second press will return it to normal

Accessibility Arrangements at the College Campus:

Real Time Group operates to create an accessible and physically and academically secure environment for students with physical disabilities or special needs, aiming to enable them to function independently and respectfully and to fully express their abilities.
In recent years, the company has invested many resources in making the campus accessible to the entire population, and the administrative and academic staff at the college receive specialized training to provide accessible services.

The company's offices are located in 32 Nahalat Yitzhak St., 2nd and 3rd Floors, Tel-Aviv, Israel.

For the benefit of individuals with disabilities, the following adaptations have been made to the college building to provide easy and convenient access for individuals with special needs:

  • Access to the building/facility via a wheelchair ramp through a convenient route
  • Parking for individuals with disabilities in the facility
  • There is an elevator in the building that provides access to all floors, including the facility on the 2nd floor
  • There are restrooms for individuals with disabilities in the college building
  • The width of the staircase is adapted for wheelchair access
  • All entrances to the classrooms are wheelchair accessible

For Further Clarification:

We are committed to making our websites accessible to all people, both those with abilities and disabilities.

In this website, you will find the technology that suits your needs.

This website is intended for the entire population, and we make maximum efforts to ensure its accessibility. While there may be elements that are not yet accessible or for which suitable technology has not been found, we assure you that we are making every effort to improve and provide high-quality accessibility without compromise.

If you encounter difficulties while browsing the site and viewing its content, we apologize and would greatly appreciate it if you could bring this to our attention.

Contact Details for Accessibility Coordinator:

You can contact the accessibility coordinator for any matter, including inquiries about accessibility problems or questions about website accessibility or campus facilities.

Mr. Benjamin Cohen
Phone: 077-7067057

Contact and Feedback:

We welcome feedback from our users. If you encounter a specific problem related to accessibility while browsing the site, we would be grateful to receive feedback through the contact details provided on this page.

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