NodeJS Course

The NodeJS course provides comprehensive and practical training for development in the NodeJS environment — an advanced technology in the IT industry for server-side development of websites and web applications. Although relatively new, NodeJS is highly popular and widely used in the industry. Using NodeJS allows for more effective communication with the server side and interaction with the website's database compared to previous solutions used in such developments.

Due to the numerous advantages of NodeJS development, many companies in the industry have incorporated this technology into their projects, leading to a high demand for experienced developers in this field.

We will integrate this technology into our portfolio of work and primarily accumulate up-to-date knowledge and working methods. The goal is not only to learn the language theoretically with some code snippets but also to comprehensively and practically learn in order to be capable of writing efficient and effective code that adds value to the projects we are developing or participating in!

NodeJS — Advantages

  • Utilizing the V8 Engine: NodeJS uses the V8 engine, which is also the engine used by Google Chrome. This fact provides high-speed communication with the server and efficient task execution. This enhances the user experience and greatly simplifies the development process.
  • Asynchronous Code: NodeJS employs an advanced method of reading and executing tasks in the code asynchronously. This means that the software does not get blocked or wait for one task to finish before moving on to the next. By utilizing callbacks, NodeJS conserves server resources by executing code without interruptions and without waiting for functions to complete their tasks. This results in a much better user experience, allowing many users to access the site simultaneously while utilizing fewer resources.
  • JavaScript Everywhere: NodeJS development is done using the JavaScript language. This allows developers who have previously worked on client-side development to learn and specialize in the technology more quickly. Additionally, there's no need to introduce another technology for the project. Both the client-side and server-side components can be built using the same language – JavaScript.

    NodeJS is an open-source language with a supportive community of developers who can address a wide range of issues and questions that arise during the development process. Moreover, the course will cover additional advantages and advanced working methods.

    Common Use Cases — NodeJS

    Upon completing the training, students will be able to apply their knowledge and integrate into various projects that utilize NodeJS:

    • Website Development
    • Social Networking Platforms
    • Real-Time Apps (RTA) Development, like Google Docs
    • Video Players Development and website integrations
    • A wide range of applications and solutions that involve intensive and fast-paced work with databases


    Online NodeJS Course

    As part of Real Time College's training programs, you can learn the Node JS course through Live Online learning. Online learning has become increasingly popular, especially due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and through a practical learning program accompanied by expert instructors' close guidance, it's possible to gain highly professional knowledge through practical Node JS development studies even in an online format.

    Contact us for further information and consultation regarding online learning options at Real Time College for the Node JS course.

    NodeJS Studies as Part of Full Stack Development Track

    You can study this course separately and privately, or as part of a comprehensive training and placement program in the tech field — Full Stack Web Development.

    In the full program, a wide range of relevant technologies for the web development market will be taught, such as HTML, CSS, jQuery, MongoDB, Angular, React, and more. With the help of Node.js as well, we can advance towards the goal of the track - training developers for a career in building full-stack websites and applications.

    In the construction of full-stack websites and applications, developers who specialize in their fields and possess comprehensive and practical knowledge can seamlessly integrate into the industry immediately upon completing the training track.

    Who is the NodeJS Course Suitable For?

    • Beginner programmers who are interested in entering the field of web development.
    • People seeking a professional transition to the world of web programming.
    • Individuals with a basic background who want to enhance their web programming skills.

    NodeJS Course Prerequisites

    • Basic computer literacy.
    • Background or experience in high-level programming languages — an advantage.
    • Professional knowledge interview.

    Course Scope and General Information

    • The NodeJS course includes frontal lectures and practical exercises.
    • The course duration is approximately 100 academic hours.
    • Learning Node.JS through exercises and solutions.
    • Classroom exercises accompanied by explanations, homework assignments, and solutions on the website.
    • Course booklet.
    • Videos and presentations on the course website.
    • Towards the end of the course, each student will complete a practical project that summarizes the acquired knowledge during the course.
    • Lectures take place once a week in the evening hours.

NodeJS Course Content

What is Node.JS
Core Modules
Installing node & packages
Built-in/External libraries
Building custom libraries
A-synchonous functions & callbacks
Non blocking habits
Working with file system
Real Time
Sockets server and client
Express framework setup
Working with express
Working with passportJS


It is recommended to choose follow-up courses according to the desired training path.

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