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About Us

Embedded Academy is a dynamic software solutions hub specializing in Real Time Embedded systems, Linux servers, Full Stack Web Development, Machine Learning, DevOps, Cyber, and QA.

The company comprises two primary divisions: Development and Training, operating as a leading tech academy offering courses and career paths for our students to successfully set foot in the industry. Equivalently, we provide development services for our clients through which our graduates gain practical experience working on real-time projects.

Our faculty team is comprised of seasoned experts who bring direct industry experience to the classroom, ensuring relevant and practical instruction. Classes are available both in-person and online, and are designed to meet the industry’s highest standards, promoting excellence and a creative mindset directed at creative solutions.

Our Instructors

Our teaching staff consists of passionate experts with relevant credentials and degrees, professionals with extensive practical tech experience.
Our Training Division deals with a wide range of courses and training programs for the tech industry.


Benny Cohen

Real Time Group Founder and CEO

As a long time veteran in the technology industry, Benny Cohen combines a deep passion for technology with extensive field experience. With a B.Sc. in Electronics Engineering and an M.Sc. in Communication Engineering, he has spent over 20 years developing software and hardware systems, including the last few years focusing on the cybersecurity industry. In addition to his role as the company founder & CEO, Benny also operates as a hands-on practitioner who specializes in penetration testing and has conducted significant security assessments for leading enterprises and security companies worldwide. His approachable teaching style and real-world expertise make learning both engaging and relevant.

Dmitri Danilov

Head of QA, Automation, and DevOps Departments

Holds a Bachelor's of Science in Computer Science from Hadassah College, Jerusalem.

Network manager and C++ developer.

UI/UX user interface developer for Android applications.

Has a rich experience working with Jenkins, Git, Docker, K8S, Ansible, and as a Linux admin.



Shaked Laivo

The tools and technologies I acuired here are the most up-to-date on the market right now. I knew there's a placement division here, and someone will take care of me at the end of the course, which really lifted a weight off my shoulders.

Lina Tomkov

I was invited to work here while studying. If I hadn't come here, I wouldn't have had the opportunity to gain practical experience in what I learned.

Dima Solomianik

At the end of the course, they prepared me for a job interview, specifying exactly what points to emphasize. Later, three tech companies reached out to me and said they were ready to hire me.
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