Computer Architecture

Computer Architecture Course

The Computer Architecture course is part of the QA Software Testing and Automation track and is intended for students who are at the beginning of their journey in the world of computers. The course serves as an introduction to the structure of computers and their components.

In the world of computers and especially in software testing, it is important to understand how things work behind the scenes. A professional software tester will have the knowledge and professional understanding of how computers operate, how components work, what their roles are, and more.

Familiarity with basic topics such as the world of computers and hardware, operating systems, and embedded systems is crucial for the ability to understand processes and work professionally with other departments in a company. This knowledge will greatly benefit the student in their future career.

Throughout the course, we will learn the basics of computer architecture (how processors work at the low-level), the building blocks of operating systems, embedded computer systems, and the peripherals used with them (Embedded peripherals such as GPIO, RS232, IIC, SPI), tools and services provided by operating systems for programmers, file types, how computer memory works, BASIC I/O, and more.

Career in Hi-Tech — Software Testing and Automation Development

The Computer Architecture course is a fundamental part of comprehensive studies on the path to a career in software testing and automated testing tool development.

In today's IT industry, there is a high demand for skilled professionals in the field of testing and automation, and this demand is expected to continue in the future. IT companies require candidates for employment to have experience in testing, even if they have no prior work experience in the field.

Accordingly, our training curriculum is extensive and practical, covering basic topics to advanced subjects in the software and testing world. It includes practical experience accumulation in a variety of testing and development areas. The course content is delivered by experienced industry professionals, and the curriculum is continuously adapted to the changing contemporary requirements.

Real Time Group offers a comprehensive and professional training program suitable even for those without prior knowledge in the field. The training program includes job placement in accordance with the course regulations. For more information about the training program leave your contact information, and our representatives will get back to you promptly.

Who is the Computer Architecture course?

  • Individuals with no prior background in the computer field - based on passing an exam and preparatory course.
  • Technicians/engineers who want to specialize in the field.
  • Graduates of colleges/universities seeking professional transition.

Computer Architecture Course Prerequisites:

  • Knowledge and experience in Windows and Linux operating systems — advantage.
  • Background and/or experience in programming languages — advantage.
  • Professional knowledge interview + examination.

Course Description

  • The Computer Architecture Course | Fundamentals of Computing is a practical course that includes frontal lectures and hands-on exercises.
  • The course duration is approximately 20 academic hours.
  • The Computer Architecture Course includes:
  • Computer Architecture Course exercises and solutions
  • Class exercises accompanied by explanations, homework assignments, and solutions on the course website
  • Course booklet
  • Videos and presentations on the course website

The lectures take place once a week in the evening or morning hours.

As the course concludes, each student will complete a practical project summarizing the acquired knowledge throughout the course.

Computer Architecture Course Content

מבוא לחומרה
ארכיטקטורת מעבדים
רגיסטרים של מעבד
שימוש ב System RAM ( זיכרון המערכת)
שימוש ב Cache Memory ( זיכרון מטמון)
אלגברה בוליאנית
מבוא לתכנון לוגי ספרתי
שערים לוגיים
עבודה של מעבד באופן מקבילי
מבוא לפיתוח תוכנה
הקשר בין המעבד לשפות התכנות
מהו ה Cross-Compiler ולמה הוא נדרש
אבני בניין של מערכות הפעלה
כלים ושירותים של מערכות הפעלה
שימוש ב Virtual Memory במערכות הפעלה
אופטימיזציה – ביצוע פקודות שלא לפי הסדר

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